psssst.... BIG things coming soon to G-STOMPER Studio summer 2015......

About EIP...
For over twenty years, I have been crazy about music and sound creation using many platforms, and taking new insane ideas to new dimensions of creativity for whatever project I was involved in.

Now with the rapid rise of the Android music-making platform, EIPStudiosOhio is leading the way to new fresh concepts of imagination for creating huge sounds and textures crammed into portable music workstations, that you can drop in your pocket.

EIPStudiosOhio is firmly committed to the Mobile Music Production Revolution; and I am very excited about the future and potential for this to take the world by storm, and proud to be a part of it.

Stay tuned to this site for the latest on DSP tools and audio design content for mobile music workstations, currently available and soon to release, How-To's, Tips&Tricks, Help, app updates, and much more.

What Will You Create?

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